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As you are looking through our project references, remember that metal lockers are a RENEWABLE RESOURCE!

When you see photos of metal lockers in our Locker Photos Gallery, remember some important points.

  • LockersMFG metal lockers are GREENGUARD Gold certified. GREENGUARD certifies products that are low emitting of VOCs, formaldehyde, and other hazardous chemicals. With this in mind, rest assured, when specifying LockersMFG metal lockers, they are a safe choice for your indoor air quality.

  • Besides, LockersMFG has added SCS Global Services Indoor Advantage™ Gold Indoor Air Quality certification to our product lines.  Overall, LockersMFG manufactures lockers that are budget AND environmentally friendly.  

  • LockersMFG high-quality polyester-epoxy powder coat has no VOCs and provides a beautiful, durable finish. To say nothing of specialty finishes that can be specified. For example, custom colors or anti-microbial coatings are available for our products

  • LockersMFG's metal lockers contain at least 30% recycled content, and each of our lockers can be recycled again and again.  Steel is the most recycled material in the world.  Recycling steel uses fewer resources than mining and creating new steel.  Learn more about steel recycling at the Steel Recycling Institute. LockersMFG specifies ASTM A 1008 CS Type B high-quality cold-rolled steel for our lockers.

  • LockersMFG design department listens to customers' needs. With this in mind, we can take those requirements and provide a customized locker to fit both budget and specifications, while still delivering a long-lasting quality product.

UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS PHOTOS - Billy J. Murphy Athletics Complex

The University of Memphis had a need to dry the football players’ shoes every night after practice. Their old method was using consumer grade wire kitchen shelving. It was flimsy and showing moderate rust. LockersMFG worked with the football staff to discover their needs and ideas for a better system.

The LockersMFG design staff then worked on a custom design to give the Tigers a robust, shelving unit that will meet their needs for years to come. These shelves are American designed and made. The 16 gauge steel was punched and formed to create a product with no burrs or sharp corners. The shelves and legs were welded and finished with a high quality 2mm powder coat finish in beautiful University of Memphis Tiger blue. Fans were then mounted on each shelf providing adequate air flow to dry the shoes.

Do you have a special need? Contact LockersMFG today and let us talk with you about your design requirements.

LOCKERSMFG PHOTOS Manufacturing in Mississippi

Of course, every client of LockersMFG wants high quality at a tremendous value. Notably, LockersMFG has manufacturing and sourcing capabilities for every customer. In fact, LockersMFG has invested time and money in technology that provides high-quality products, a better customer service experience, and protects our environment.


For that reason, our latest technology initiatives benefit every customer. At present, LockersMFG is developing software that creates a paperless office environment. Additionally, this software investment will give all LockersMFG customer service employees immediate access to customer files. In other words, less wasted time looking for records and files. Thus, saving customers time and money when they call LockersMFG for information.


Currently, LockersMFG is investing in the creation of our latest manufacturing center. Based in Tennessee, this facility will have the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry. What's more, this manufacturing plant will deliver flexibility in design that is new to the locker industry. Our engineering staff utilizes the latest in CAD/CAM software to create products that fit our customer's ever-changing needs.

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