Metal Locker Advantages

The history of steel discovery can be traced back almost 4,000 years to the start of the iron age. The earliest archeological excavation of the first examples date to around 1800 BC; moreover, steel has weathered time, winding through the antiquity of the Roman Empire, the Spartans, Chinese dynasties, up to endless modern applications, including LockersMFG metal lockers.


Stunning designs

Steel can be formed and fabricated into multiple shapes and designs. Metal stamping is the process in which a strip of sheet metal is fed through one or more die and toolsets to apply pressure, re-forming and cutting the piece into the desired shape. What's more, the sheet metal can come in either blank or coil form — coupled with stamping operations that include blanking, punching, coining, drawing, embossing, piercing, curling, and more. Finished components can be welded, riveted, or bolted together into complete assemblies.

In particular, steel is the most common used materials in the manufacturing of everything from furniture to automobiles, to structural beams.  

Finally, when it comes to lockers, quality is the defining characteristic.  We fabricate our products with an eye to the details. 


Steel is one of the few metals that can be continuously recycled. It is the most recycled material in the world. That’s because the recycling process can’t break down or weaken steel. Recycling metal instead of using virgin ore to create new steel products save energy and natural resources.

Over Eighty (80) Million tons of steel are recycled each year in North America.  By using recycled metals, the steel industry saves enough electricity each year to power 18 million households. Recycling one ton of steel conserves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone.

Creating products from recycled steel instead of virgin ore uses 40% less water and reduces mining wastes by 97%. Also, because of the high percentage of recycled content and high reclamation rate our products are ideally suited for LEED building projects, significantly contributing to LEED certification.

LockersMFG is the FIRST Locker Company In America To Achieve Both Green Guard UL 2818 - 2013 Gold Standard For Chemical Emissions For Building Materials, Finishes And Furnishings AND SCS Quality Indoor Certification. Indoor Advantage™ Gold Indoor Air Quality Certified To SCS-EC10.3-2014 V4.0

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Flexibility. Metal lockers offer tremendous flexibility in design, installation, and appearances.

Speed of Construction. Compared to lockers made from other materials, installation of metal lockers is straightforward and fast.

Value. Metal lockers provide the best value compared to other materials.

Innovation. With a product history spanning over 3,800 years, steel continues to improve every year.

Today, steel is THE most economical material from which make a locker.  Additionally, steel's endless recyclability and you've got the number one material for lockers.  What's more, LockersMFG can help you find the perfect metal locker solution for your needs.


No other material matches the longevity of steel. Steel products provide many years of reliable maintenance-free service. Not to mention steel products with a quality powder coating, such as used by LockersMFG, give no VOC, providing years of environmentally safe usage. Furthermore, metal lockers are easy to clean and are mold resistant.

Adding to the case for steel; steel is fire resistant.  It won't burn.  Another critical point is metal has an extremely high strength to weight ratio, making it an excellent choice for lockers.  

Outright strength and toughness.  Are we talking just about steel or is that describing LockersMFG?  Certainly it can describe both!

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