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We take customer satisfaction very seriously. That is why we always deliver quality products on time from our manufacturing facility in the United States.

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First, LockersMFG is more than capable of standard locker models. Notably, every locker has a Lifetime Warranty. LockersMFG knows customers must balance between quality and budget. Secondly, LockersMFG meets all quality and safety certifications. Without a doubt, some locker specifications are confusing. To this end, the LockersMFG team works with you to design the perfect locker for your needs and your budget.

LockersMFG specialty is as a metal locker manufacturer. Equally important, the metal lockers from LockersMFG, are durable and stand up to years of usage. We make reliable lockers that match our client’s specs. Finally, LockersMFG backs each locker we produce with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

LockersMFG provides Smart Locker solutions that meet your needs. In particular, LockersMFG can deliver custom lockers and software capabilities. Another key point between LockersMFG and our competition is our willingness to create a locker to match your exact needs. We have years of experience with lockers. To this end, our trained consultants can explain to you our different options.

Please note, LockersMFG is capable and willing to make changes to any locker specification. Would you like more coat hooks? How about a second shelf? Do you need an HDPE liner for the locker bottom to protect from wet or icy boots? Do you want to upgrade the metal thickness to create an even more durable product? Maybe you need a stainless steel locker for corrosion protection. Undoubtedly, the LockersMFG team is willing to listen to your challenges and create a locker that is a perfect fit for your needs and budget. Contact LockersMFG today to Learn More!

Above all, LockersMFG works to deliver environmentally responsible solutions. What’s more, there is only one planet we all share. We need to help take care of it. To this end, LockersMFG sought Greenguard certification from Underwriter’s Laboratories. Specifically, testing of LockersMFG’s products by UL proved that LockersMFG produces metal lockers that are safe for the environment. As a result, LockersMFG earned the prestigious GREENGUARD GOLD certification for our metal lockers. Also, LockersMFG products were certified by SCS Global as Indoor Air Quality Gold. At this time, LockersMFG continues to be committed to sustainability and Earth-friendly products.

LockersMFG has invested in GREEN solutions. Our company is committed to sustainable solutions. For this reason, LockersMFG products were certified by SCS Global as Indoor Air Quality Gold. SCS Global provides many solutions to architects, owners, contractors, and designers looking for environmentally building products and interior finishings. LockersMFG continues to be committed to sustainability and Earth-friendly products.

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