LEEDing the way!

LockersMFG supports a cleaner and healthier planet.

Many of the objectives LockersMFG undertakes, including LEED, has to do with sustainability. Consequently, from eliminating single-use plastics in our offices to our lockers made from steel, we try to make the world a better place. The number one recycled material on our planet is steel. Steel is endlessly recyclable. In similar fashion, metal lockers can be recycled into new steel products.

LockersMFG makes our metal lockers from more than 10% pre-consumer content. Pre-consumer content is materials leftover from the manufacturing process. Second, our metal lockers contain more than 20% post-consumer content. Post-consumer content is the things we recycle after using them. This would include appliances and cars.

Because the recycled content of LockersMFG varies based on the type and source of the steel purchased, we offer some average content numbers to help with your LEED certification. If a project requires it, we may be able to source steel with higher recycled content. Overall, LockersMFG strives to identify new ways to make Greener products.

Finally, learn more about the ways recycled steel saves water, energy, and reduces carbon emissions at The Steel Recycling Institute https://www.steelsustainability.org/recycling

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LEED Infographic
LEED Infographic

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