Welcome to a GREENER 2020!

LockersMFG works hard to produce clean and green products. Don't take our word for it. First, our products were certified Greenguard Gold. We are proud to announce that now our products have been certified Indoor Advantage Gold by SCS Global Services. LockersMFG strives to be a steward of the environment. We are reducing the amount of paper used in our offices, have eliminated single-use plastic water bottles, and recycle large amounts of cardboard and steel. Customers can count on LockersMFG to continue to LEAD the way (or is it LEED, ask how our products can contribute to your LEED score).

Above all, know that LockersMFG is a leader in the metal locker industry. We have years of experience producing lockers for Fortune 500's. Furthermore, we strive to be a manufacturer that architects can trust to provide any metal locker needed. To emphasize, we created the motto: Any Material. Any Design. Any Technology. Without a doubt, our expert staff will walk with you through the challenges of the design process. Custom colors or finishes are not a problem. Unique sizes to fit a space are right in our wheelhouse. Custom ventilation, personalization, and interior accessories are something we can help all customers understand.


In light of heightened environmental awareness, LockersMFG continues to expand our certifications and recycling processes. We eliminated single-use water bottles in our facilities. We proved filtered water dispensers to provide clean drinking water in reusable cups. Undoubtedly, the most important aspect of our operation is recycling. We recycle countless tons of steel during the manufacturing process and all waste cardboard in our facilities.

For the same reason, we have made investments in CRM software to manage our products from initial email contact to final shipment and assembly. As we further finetune this process, we are reducing the amount of paper used in our offices. LockersMFG really is going GREENER!

As always, if you have questions about lockers or any step of our process, feel free to contact one of our associates. Our phone number is 901-207-6573 or CLICK HERE.

Finally, to learn more about LockersMFG SCS Global Indoor Advantage certification, CLICK HERE.

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