Our employees give back to the communities they live in!

LockersMFG strives to be more than an employer or just another local business. Below are some of the ways we can make a difference by supporting community involvement.
The company sponsored and coached two youth basketball teams in early 2018. Young men from all economic strata merged to form a team. Our goal is to speak into their growth as men and children of God (John 1:12). We host year-round events that these young men can attend and bring their friends
The company started, and 100% funds a non-denominational church in our warehouse, and we named it “Warehouse3”. All church staff is bi-vocational and draws no salary from offerings. The warehouse is in the name because the physical location is a warehouse. “3” is in the name for 1st Corinthians 15:1-4. (Faith in “3” points is how we access Grace. 1. Jesus died for our sins, 2. Jesus was buried; 3. Jesus rose again.) We also are working with a church startup in Rossville, TN and have helped church planters in the Dallas, TX and Denver, CO areas.

The latest mission trip was to Haiti in April of 2018. A massive earthquake in 2010 ravaged this country, and for the majority of people, minimal recovery has taken place. The 24-hour news cycle has moved on, but the people of Haiti still need help. Our employees worked with Ellen Humerickhouse and the orphanage she founded: La Limyé Ministries.   https://lalimye.org/about/