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LockersMFG continues to invest in Sustainable Initiatives to ensure our products are safe for all to use. To this end, we announce our metal lockers are now GREENGUARD GOLD certified!
LockersMFG is GREENGUARD GOLD Certified
LockersMFG is proud to announce our metal lockers have been certified by SCS Global Services as Indoor Air Advantage Gold!  LockersMFG continues to strive to make high-quality products that protect and improve our indoor environments.  Contact LockersMFG today to learn more.  Learn more about SCS Indoor Advantage Gold.
SCS Indoor Air Quality

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LockersMFG is a Metal Locker Manufacturer, Headquartered in Tennesse. The map shows a sampling of where architects have approved LockersMFG products for use in many projects.

Indeed, LockersMFG is proud of the many approvals our products have received. With this in mind, please allow us to work with you on your next project.

US Map 2019-2

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LockersMFG believes everyone should get the locker they want, not what someone else specs out.



LockersMFG: Any Design. Any Material. Any Technology.



LockersMFG: Reliability Is Key.


Get the materials needed to specify our products.

Specifications, Product Brochures, and more can be found here.

Follow along with LockersMFG on your favorite Social Media. We will be posting photos, news, and any relevant updates as they come about. In the meantime, remember that not all locker specifications are made the same. LockersMFG can create a locker specifically for you. We tailor the spec to fit you. Not the other way around. Any Design. Any Material. Any Technology. We can deliver a reliable locker with tremendous value.

Customization Options!

We can tailor a locker for your exact needs.

Some of the options you can choose:

  1. Handle & latch type.
  2. Hinge.
  3. Number & type of hooks.
  4. Number & placement of shelf.
  5. Ventilation.
  6. Built-in locks or padlocks.
  7. The metal gauge or thickness of components.
  8. Color.
  9. Finishing and trim options.
  10. Type of metal.

Reliable Products!

You need durable, reliable lockers. At LockersMFG, we understand. We back our metal lockers with a Lifetime Warranty. LockersMFG continues to produce the most reliable lockers in the industry.

Basis of Design!

Add LockersMFG to your master specifications today. Allow us to provide you with standard or customized cut sheets for any of your specific project needs. Our trained staff can help you with any design or material questions you may have.