Continuous Sloped Hoods Individual Sloped Tops

Sloped hoods or sloped tops can be added to lockers to create an angled area that prevents items from being stacked on top of lockers.  The hoods and tops are finished to match the locker.  The hood or slope top rise is equal to 1/3 of the locker depth.


Fillers and Trim

Fillers are available to create a finished look for every locker project.  Vertical fillers that cover the gaps between lockers and walls when lockers are installed flush to the wall surface. Top fillers cover gaps at the tops of lockers and can be field trimmed around obstacles (pipes).  There are options for flat top, sloped top, and straight or corner options.  Vertical wall trim utilizes a slip joint and provides a smooth finish.


Finished Boxed End or Exposed End Panels

These panels are used on the exposed end of a run of lockers.  These panels provide a seamless look to every locker room.  They have a minimal amount of holes and utilize hidden fasteners and complete a lockers installation.




Zee Bases

KD lockers will be furnished with 4” high or 6” high 14 gauge zee base flanged outward at the top for support of lockers and inward at the bottom for anchoring to the floor. (Not for use with Open Front Series or All Welded Plus Series.)


Closed Bases

Install front bases between legs without overlap or exposed fasteners. Provide 18 gauge closed metal front and end bases in KD lockers having legs. Provide end bases on exposed ends. Bases will be finished to match lockers.


Contact Us for a complete list of locks and accessories.


Options include Portable Combination Locks, Built-In Keylocks, Built-In Combination Locks, Coin Operated Locks, or Digital Locks (option keypad, card access, or RFID access).  We are a reseller of Master Lock products and have ADA compatible lock options for all applications.



Bench tops are to be 9-1/2” wide and furnished in lengths of 3’ through 12’ (even foot increments). Locker benches will be laminated select hardwood, 1-1/4” full finished thickness. All corners are to be rounded and sanded. Surfaces are with two coats of clear lacquer.


Stainless Steel Pedestal

The pedestal will be 16-1/4” high for an overall bench height of 17-1/2”, 2” in diameter brushed 16 gauge stainless steel formed into a trapezoid. The bottom will be 14” wide with two 5/16” diameter holes. The top flange will have four 5/16” diameter holes for fastening to the bench. The bench can be movable or may be anchored.


Heavy Duty Pedestal

Pedestals will consist of steel tubing with 10 gauge steel flanges welded to each end, and the pedestals will be finished to match the locker. The overall height of pedestal will be 16-1/4”.


ADA Options

Benches that meet all ADA guidelines are available.  Contact a LockersMFG representative for more information.