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Locker Options

Of course, customers are looking for durable, quiet operating metal lockers. For this reason, LockersMFG provides multiple options for features and budget. LockersMFG fulfills that requirement with our lines of metal lockers. In particular, we stand behind our products with a "LIFETIME WARRANTY." First, we listen to customers' needs. The primary requirement is durability. No customer wants a pretty locker that doesn't last. Second, when installed in a school environment, quiet lockers are a must. Hundreds of students opening and closing lockers at once can create a lot of noise. Therefore, the design team at LockersMFG has added quiet features to our line of lockers.

Our design team can provide custom locker options, sizes, finishes, and more to fit any need.

Responsive Design

That is to say; our engineers use feedback from customers adapting our lockers to the latest requirements. For example, our innovative multi-point latch incorporates many improvements from customer feedback. In this case, we have implemented plastic guides, spiders, and buttons. Additional rubber bumpers create a silent operating door. Let us speak with you about your locker needs.

Proven Value

LockersMFG premium metal lockers are a great value. Additionally, we provide leading features like quiet latch, minimum 2 mil epoxy powder coat, and premium cold-rolled steel. As a rule, LockersMFG manufactures lockers that last. Without a doubt, LockersMFG products are industry-leading in quality. Please contact a LockersMFG associate today for more information at 901-207-6573.

Now, GREENGUARD Gold certified AND SCS Global Indoor Advantage Gold certified

LockersMFG is the First Locker Company In America To Achieve Both Green Guard UL 2818 - 2013 Gold Standard For Chemical Emissions For Building Materials, Finishes, And Furnishings AND SCS Quality Indoor Certification. Indoor Advantage™ Gold Indoor Air Quality Certified To SCS-EC10.3-2014, V4.0 LockersMFG emphasizes our commitment to the environment.  Notably, our products meet UL's GREENGUARD Gold certification.  In other words, this means our metal lockers are extremely low chemical and VOC emitting. 

Learn more about GreenGuard Gold here.

Learn more about SCS Indoor Advantage Gold here. 

When you consider locker options, choose the company that provides Green options.



SCS Global Indoor Advantage Gold

Highest Quality Metal Lockers

In summary, LockersMFG manufactures the highest quality metal lockers in the industry. All backed by a Lifetime limited warranty. Choose from 24 standard colors and over 214 colors in all. Above all, if you require customization, please contact us today. In short, we give you locker options. We can customize a locker design to suit your needs. With this in mind, specify LockersMFG, where Reliability is KEY!