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Any Design. 

Any Material.

Any Technology.

Behind Our Tagline

Lockers Manufacturing is your go-to destination for limitless security storage locker solutions. With our technical expertise in design, materials, and technology, we have the capability in house to accomplish this mission for our clients. From architectural designs, multiple materials, to advanced tech integration, we're here to serve to your every need. Welcome to the ecosystem of endless possibilities in locker customization!

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Any Design means...

we blend creativity with craftsmanship to create innovative locker designs. Our diverse range of options caters to every taste and need, ensuring endless possibilities for customization.

  • On-site, In-house engineering design center

  • Advanced software technology to make dimension and functionality changes 

  • Interior designer, color options and matching as needed

  • Prototype capability

  • Design with multiple materials as needed


Any Material means...

we take immense pride in our meticulous selection of materials, recognizing that the quality of our lockers begins with the components we choose. 

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We use top-quality steel from our American suppliers, meeting all ASTM standards, in our lockers for superior strength and resilience, rigorously tested to meet our high standards, ensuring long-lasting durability. Built robustly, our steel lockers endure heavy usage in diverse environments, from schools to military to healthcare.

  • Cold Rolled 

  • Hot Rolled

  • Carbon Steel

  • Angle Iron

  • Tubular Square and Round 

  • Aluminum

  • Stainless Steel 



We use exquisite, sustainable wood to craft our lockers. Each locker highlights the natural beauty of the wood, adding a stunning touch to any space. With a variety of options available, you can easily design the perfect wood locker to suit your needs.

  • Cherry

  • Mahogany 

  • Maple

  • Red Oak

  • Walnut

  • White Oak

Designer (29)_edited.jpg


Our lockers are crafted from premium HDPE, prized for its durable, resilient nature and sleek modern aesthetic. Each locker embodies the perfect fusion of strength and style, offering a superior storage solution for any environment.

  • HDPE

  • Phenolic

Smart Lockers

Any Technology means...

Lockers Manufacturing specializes in crafting Smart Locker solutions tailored to your needs. Our Commitment to excellence ensures that each locker precisely matches your requirements backed by years of industry experience and expert guidance from our consultants.

  • Smart Locks

  • Ventilation Systems

  • Electrical Outlets

  • LED Lighting 

  • Software Capabilities 

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