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LockersMFG uses a customer-focused approach. For one thing, we leverage our production to create lockers based on customer needs. LockersMFG lockers are known for value and durability. We back our products with a Lifetime Warranty. Please, contact LockersMFG before your next locker project. When you put LockersMFG in the specs, you will see the difference we provide.

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Billy J. Murphy Athletics Complex

The University of Memphis had a need to dry the football players’ shoes every night after practice. Their old method was using consumer grade wire kitchen shelving. It was flimsy and showing moderate rust. LockersMFG worked with the football staff to discover their needs and ideas for a better system.

The LockersMFG design staff then worked on a custom design to give the Tigers a robust, shelving unit that will meet their needs for years to come. These shelves are American designed and made. The 16 gauge steel was punched and formed to create a product with no burrs or sharp corners. The shelves and legs were welded and finished with a high quality 2mm powder coat finish in beautiful University of Memphis Tiger blue. Fans were then mounted on each shelf providing adequate air flow to dry the shoes.

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Manufacturing in the United States

A successful company in today's business climate, LockersMFG navigates through multiple supply chain models.  The driving point for all of the supply decisions is the customer value point.  If the requirements of a particular job or customer require domestic production, LockersMFG is more than capable of delivering a Made In The USA product.  

LockersMFG has partnered with two premier manufacturers in the state of Tennessee and recently we photographed them in action.  All facets of making a locker, from steel acquisition, fabrication, finishing, powder coating, even packaging can be sourced regionally.