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Slope tops are often used instead of flat tops to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris, and to discourage the use of locker tops as storage areas. There are three different types of slope top construction: Unit Slope Tops, Slope Hoods and Slope Top Kits (Stock converter for Knock Down Series).


Unit Slope Tops cover the width of one locker frame only. Lockers with Unit Slope Tops have sides with mitered top ends with a rise equal to 1/3 of the locker depth, plus longer backs that meet the rear edge of the slope top. Unit Slope Tops are used in place of the standard flat tops. (Not for use on Heavy Duty Series, Open Front Series or All Welded Series.)

Unit Slop Tops are available in the following width and depth:
9×12, 9×15, 9×18, 12×12, 12×15, 12×18, 12×21, 15×12, 15×15, 15×18, 15×21, 18×18, 18×21, 18×24, 24×18, 24×21 and 24×24.

Slope Top Kits are available in the following width, depth and height:
12x12x4, 12x15x4, 12x18x6, 15x15x5, 15x18x6 and 18x18x6.


Continuous Slope Hoods fit on top of flat top lockers. They can be used on new lockers, or on a retrofit basis. All hoods
are furnished in 72” lengths and must be cut to length
during installation. Intermediate splices, ends and rear
supports (2 per hood) complete the installation, and must be ordered separately.

Slope Hoods are available in the following width, depths and heights: 72x12x5, 72x15x6, 72x18x7, 72x21x8, and 72x24x9.

Slope Ends and Hood Splice available in the following depths and heights:
12×5, 15×6, 18×7, 21×8 and 24×9.

Universal Rear Hood Support is one size fits all.


Recess Trim is 3” wide and bridges the gap between lockers and wall and/or soffits when the lockers are recessed into a wall. Lockers must be anchored to base (base and wood to be completed by a general contractor) Right side trim and left side trim are not the same.

There are 3 different types of side trim:

■ base & anchors
■ recessed trip
■ vertical trip

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